Meeting lovely souls and experienced Yoga while learning the basics on eating healthy and staying fit.

Being a blogger has a lot of perks that we get to enjoy and one of them is when you're invited to an event not just to blog about it but to experience it yourself. That's why I wanted to say Thank you to this beautiful soul who invited us over, she's also a blogger behind Sole Searching Soul , Ms. Apple Alison. Thank you so much Ms. Apple for the invitation and Ms. Denise of who's the reason behind this successful event as she celebrated the first anniversary of hiit play active wear that was launch last year during pandemic. How amazing right? You should check her shop on Instagram. There are a lot of stylish active wear to choose from and loving all the colors. And oh! I'm planning to buy their gym bag too since I'll be using it often.

Moving on, the event was a blast! It took place at one of the most serene and perfect place to do meditations. It's also a perfect place for a nature lover like me. Have you been to Soul Sierra ? It's located at upper town of Cebu City, at Brgy. Babag.


This is just the area where the event happened but Soul Sierra is very huge. They have the garden where the restaurant is located and they also have soul camp where you can do camping, they have held the recent soul fest at soul camp. This one though, is for yoga session which is big and peaceful.


So the event started with a chill morning. The registration took place and owners of pop-ups were busy arranging their stuff.




Me and my sister have roam around which allows us to appreciate the place more. There were beautiful flowers around, butterflies flying and in awe with those tall bamboo trees.


Also, if we wish to stay overnight we can actually rent one of their bahay kubo (Nipa Huts).




Some of the attendees have set up their own tent since the evening activity will allow you to experience camping and bonfire. We haven't experience that one though since we left a little early after Sepfry's Yoga session.

So, going back, we waited for the first activity in the afternoon but since we arrived in the morning we have enjoyed trying hulahoops and jumping ropes.


We took several photos too and had tried the healthy recipe that House of Wellness had prepared.




I love the chia pudding and it made me bought 1 whole pack of chia seeds so I can prepare a healthy breakfast using the recipe they posted on the packaging. Good job Ms. Trish for this wonderful idea! Thank you for making it easier for us to prepare such healthy and hearty meal. The brownies and other pastries are made of almond flour and other healthy ingredients. You can check them out too!

So the event started at 2 in the afternoon and it was officially opened by Ms. Apple with the lighting of the torch that was led by Ms. Denise of Hiitplay Activewear. It was such a happy day celebrating a beautiful event, meeting kind and beautiful souls.




The torch was pass around and was given to the Adventure Co. Who talks about the right way to camp and the things we needed to learn about camping.

DSC_0122 (1).jpg

It was a fun discussion especially that Patrick, one of the members of Adventure Co, is a very funny person that he made it an interesting but fun way of learning about camp and culture. They're actually the first group established here in Cebu that have gone camping and do outdoor activities that didn't limit to just simply camping on the mountain. You can check their website too and you can ask them questions with regards to camping at their Instagram.

Right after them, Ms. Trish have talked about health and wellness as well with the help of Ms. Kim Muego, who's a vegan too and the owner of Happy Hippos restaurant Ms. Erin.




They talked about plant-based food and recipe that is equally delicious to dishes that have meat. I have tasted their lasagna that is very delicious I must say. I don't eat beef actually, so when they replaced the ground beef with Lentils, it's a tiny bean that looks like a monggo but flat, I actually love it better than with meat. Ms. Erin let us have a bite with her famous hummus. It's a middle Eastern dip or spread. I love the spicy one and it makes the pita bread so yummy.



Right after the food tasting we were beyond delighted to try yoga for the very first time and Sepfry did a wonderful job making me remember my first yoga experience.





After the yoga session, since my daughter had given me a curfew, we need to be home before it gets dark. And since the shuttle schedule is on the evening, we have no choice but to ask a favor to gave us a ride just in JY Square. Luckily, the kind-hearted power couple, Miss Mitch and Pom together with his brother John, friends of Ms Denise have given us a lift since they're going down the City already. They are so friendly and accommodating that they even talked to us about why we were there and we told them about blogging and stuff. Thank you, thank you, thank you again! It means so much, to me and my sister to be blessed enough, meeting kind souls like you guys.

I will definitely look forward to meeting you again in the future and good luck and enjoy trekking!

Thank you to all the sponsors of this event, especially to Denise and Apple for making this event a successful one. See you all again on the next gathering of beautiful souls! 😊

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