Three hours drive away from the City, lies this magical town in Cebu that is known for its abundance of water source which is named Tuburan. Tuburan refers to "Tubod"(Spring) which is the source of potable water in this town. Last weekend, I attended my best-friend's wedding on her hometown and get to experience the beautiful Formosa Camp Resort.


Formosa Camp Resort is one of the famous resort in Tuburan. It's actually a big resort that can cater events like wedding reception. Their rooms are quite spacious and neat. They also have an exclusive villa that can cater big groups. The villa has a living room and kitchen. It's located near the swimming pool area. Aside from the villa their were VIP rooms and suites room on the other building that can accommodate guests as well. Not just that, tents are also available for rent if you preferred to go on glamping. The provided area or the glamping site is located near the beach and the swimming pool.



That's the kind of view you'll get to watch during sunset in the glamping area. Such a magnificent view that always makes my heart leap whenever I see as beautiful and as peaceful as that.


After my best-friend's wedding day, we actually woke up early so my daughter can enjoy swimming before we go back to the City. I set the alarm at 6:00 in the morning so we still have time to dip in the pool. Good thing that my daughter wakes up right in time and I don't have to drag her out because she was too excited to swim that day.

DSC_1055 (1).jpg
Look at that sleepy face! We stayed at room 1 of their villa since the family of the bride and groom is staying here and of course the best-friend is already part of the family. After I put my daughter's swimming attire, we went out without eating breakfast since we just had water and headed to the pool area.

Before I let my daughter take the plunge, I made sure that I get to read the important rules to follow and how deep the pool is for safety purposes.

As you can see, children must have adult supervision since the pool is a little deep for children.

My sexy daughter getting ready for her early morning swim.

Look at how happy she was! These precious moments with her really is amazing especially with this kind of place that is perfect for family getaway.

IMG_20210919_072700 (2).jpg

Right after an hour in the pool we went to the beach for some photos.

DSC_1113 (1).jpg


DSC_1131 (3).jpg

DSC_1177 (3).jpg
I totally love the swing that makes a good props for my Instagram post. It's quiet and peaceful in the beach area but since it's near a mangrove it's kinda scary for me to swim. I always have that weird imaginations about sea snake living somewhere near the mangrove. So we went back up to the pool area and took a shower near the pool because we're too sandy.

IMG_20210919_072533 (1).jpg

For more information about the resort you can visit their FACEBOOK PAGE.

That's it for my travel get away last week. See you on my next post! Adios. ;)


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