One of the many reasons why I look forward for Fridays is when you get to relax after a long week of working, and you get to eat your favorite meal or giving in to your random cravings with few of your close friends who shares the same passion. I am very much happy that I get to bring not only my siblings in this platform but as well as my friends. Having these two, @simpledemple and @jezwanderer here on hive made it a lot easier for me to plan for our trips and adventures together and to share our insights in this platform.

Of course, our random coffee dates and dinner dates! Most of my Fridays last month was spent with these two beautiful ladies and we happen to experience Banapple in IT Park, Cebu Branch. We ordered three different meals and I opted for water first since we will be having coffee in a separate shop.

I had some blueberry pancake, while Demple had some pasta and Jezevyl had her usual dinner meal with rice, which is the suggested all time favorites in Bannaple, their hickory smoked barbecue ribs.

You know the drill when friends who shares the same passion are together, we are each other's photographer. We take turns in taking photos and we practice patience all the time. Especially if we need to retake it if it doesn't satisfy the subject. You know what I mean, right? For one beautiful photo, it needs a few burstful shots. 😂





Overall the food was great! I love the texture of the pancakes, especially the blueberry on top. I also tried Demple's baked creamy cheesy penne too, well I am not really a fan of pasta, it was just a so so (okay) for me, what can you say about your meal my friend @simpledemple? And for their all time favorite meal memsh @jezwanderer ?
We enjoyed our stay there and our chitchats. I love that their staff is friendly and accomodating too. The ambiance seems great and posh for me! I love the cute door and window which is perfect for a back drop. What do you think? Let me know by dropping your comment below. And oh! Today is Friday! Where to? 🤔



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