Last weekend, I along with my sisters @morenatravels and @eeventuree discovered this new instagrammable food park that is located across Lourdes Parish Church in Punta Princesa, Labangon, Cebu City! The sun was about to set when we dropped by to buy some take out for dinner, since our parents were waiting for us at home. We decided to check the place as we've seen this trending on our Facebook page for its beautiful place and a very instagrammable ambiance.

Will you sit with me here? Haha! I love the vibe of this photo, it seems like I'm waiting for someone to sit down beside me. Anyways, when you get inside the gate, this wall will greet you along with those lovely chairs and just before you go inside, they have a lovely yellow wall that can be used as a background that is perfect for your ootd!

The place is huge, there were a lot of food stalls. I think some of the food stalls are still vacant, if you're planning to do business you can check out the place too! There's a bbq food stall, milk tea, chicken wings and a lot more. There's a second floor too, but when we went there it was closed.




This one right here is their stage for live band. It's quite a nice place to chill and relax. And oh, this cute pink wall that will probably get your attention when you go there.

I'm pretty sure your time won't be wasted while waiting for the food you ordered, you can strike a pose and take a lot of photos for the gram! That's what we did while waiting for our take out.

Experience the alfresco dining in this new instagrammable food park! Bring your family or friends once everything is okay. Discovering new places with my sisters is our new #sistersgoal ! Of course, who doesn't love great food and lovely places right? We're already planning for our next destination so make sure to check it out since I'll be blogging about it soon.


That's it for now! Starting my September right with this colorful post. Oh, Hello September! 🥰


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