One of the reasons why I was looking forward for the weekend was this gathering. It has been three months since I joined Hive and there was nothing but pure happiness for this community. Having to meet my fellow hivers and becoming a family is a blessing that I will always be grateful about. As part of our celebration for this milestone, we decided to meet up and gather around. One of our agenda as well is to thank our onboarding leader for taking care of us and for the never ending support despite all those negativity that surrounds her. @explorewithsasha @gerel @asasiklause @cheerupwithjl @swaycanete @itsmiessyonpeakd @meyzah and the rest of @hivecebu members is forever grateful for having a leader like you Gilaine @purepinay . I know that you don't want to be mentioned on our blogs because you don't want us to be dragged down by those people who continue to bash and throw hurtful things about you without knowing you personally. We stand before you and we want you to know that whatever happens, we're all here for you because in our community you taught us that nobody gets left behind. To show our gratitude to Gil, I, along with my sister @jongcl bought this beautiful flowers for her while we were on our way to buy the Thank you card. Sasha and I came up with this idea to cheer her up as well while they were busy preparing for the food at City Lights.


When we went inside her unit we were greeted by our fellow hive bloggers with warm welcome and beautiful smiles.


Since Gil was inside her room, she was surprised when we greeted her with bouquet of flowers and a big thank you card. She cried and she never stops saying thank you.


Your genuine self towards everybody shows how warm and thoughtful you are as a leader. You showed us how to handle every situation with a silver lining. You deserve every love and support from each and everyone of us.






A mandatory group photo and food photoshoot is required before we finally dig in.

The food was really great! I had some barbecue pizza too which was so delicious. The Apple Pie and the pasta were all so good. Thank you Gil, Gerel, Sasha and Klause for preparing the food and also to Meyzah for the dessert.


For this gathering I brought my daughter with me to play along with baby Bobby.



Then we talked and finalized our upcoming event which is the Halloween Party. The venue, the time and the date were all decided which I will be blogging about soon.



We had some beer and talks about anything under the sun. It's really awesome that we're all comfortable with each other despite the fact that we just knew each other through hive. And then we had some pampering session where @cheerupwithjl volunteers to do our facial/skincare.




It was really great to do these kind of stuff with them. A community that supports not just your blogging journey but supports you as a genuine friend. I can't thank you guys enough for being around and for being one of the reasons why I smile and happy. Thank you!

The weather was really gloomy and cold but these people made it warm.

Ending our gathering with this warm coffee that @gerel made. Thank you! See you again until our next gathering guys! To more celebrations and gatherings like this. Also thank you Gil and Gerel for the group photos.

Have a happy Monday everyone! ✨


Sassy Cebuana

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