Hello there October! Are we going to start counting down the days? Twenty six more days and we will be celebrating my thirty-fourth birthday! How awesome is that? Well, I have so many things to be grateful about and this brings me back to the letter I wrote to myself five years ago. How I was doing so far?

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This made me smile. I often found myself realizing that I'm super blessed. That was six years ago, telling myself to open up my heart again and give love a chance. I did, four years ago but it didn't work out. Am I giving up on love? Of course not! But for now, I am happy and contented having my daughter, a loving family, supportive friends and my new found friends here on hive. My heart is so full that I feel I have so much love to give. I know that, time will come and love will knock again, though this time around, I wanted it to last for a lifetime. No more rushing. I want to take things slow. This thirty something single mom will continue to practice self-love and self-improvement.

Is it really important to practice self-love? Yes! I have realized so many things now and one of them is that life is so short. We actually don't know what lies ahead. So many people dying and some of them were even too young. They have gone too soon that they didn't even get the chance to reached their goals or even live their life the way they wanted. There will be no what ifs. There will only be things like I'm glad I did it! Be brave to pursuit happiness. If you want to eat something you really crave, go and splurge! If you're eyeing this beautiful dress online, click check out button now! I always believe that, yes it's good to save but depriving yourself from something isn't healthy. You never know what happens tomorrow.

Do what makes you happy but never hurt someone on that process. This month of October I will be busy pampering myself as part of my whole month celebration. A little bit of spoiling myself since I don't have someone who can spoil me so I'll just do it. Self love right? 😆 How about a new phone?

A vacation perhaps? I need to unwind and travel somewhere far from the City and just be surrounded with nature. Sipping my favorite cocktail drink while listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore. That would be a perfect getaway! What do you think?

This month of October will be rainbow and sunshine for me. I will be celebrating everyday to show gratitude to God for giving this wonderful gift called Life. And oh, my only wish for my upcoming birthday is good health for everyone and for this world to be healed. I can't wait to travel and explore the world once it's fully healed and COVID free.


Now, if you reached up to this point, I wanted you to drop one word on the comment below or you can drop an Emoji that best describes me. It will mean so much to me and that will surely make me smile.

Happy 1st of October! Don't forget to smile and be happy, life is so short to frown. 😘


Sassy Cebuana

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