"Mom, can I go to the mall now?" That's what my daughter had been frequently asking me last week. I can't blame her, it's been almost two years now since the last time we went to the mall together. As you all know, COVID happened. All minors are not allowed to go out but now that almost 80% had been vaccinated here in the Philippines, they now allowed minors inside the mall, provided that all accompanying adults are fully vaccinated. That's why last weekend, together with my sisters @gwenfinity , @eeventuree and @jongcl along with my daughter's cousins @kcwonders and Atasha, we went to SM Seaside Cebu.

We first had our lunch at Hukad since we're all famished already. After having our lunch, since the kids are excited to play in the arcade, I let my sister @jongcl play with them while me and my sisters @eeventuree and @gwenfinity went to the department store to look for my mother's dress for our sister @morenatravels wedding soon.


I find shopping in the mall a lot exhausting than just scrolling through an online store. Though, I missed doing this, especially with my sisters. We went to their shoe section as well to look for something to wear on the wedding day.

As soon as we get tired from all the walking, we decided to eat some yogurt ice cream to replenish our energy! 💖☺

Ice cream is the best at making you happy! Yay! Sugar rush! Anyways, as we were on our way to see the kids in the arcade, we saw these lovely gowns that were worn by our very own Cebuana Beauty queens who will represent the country soon in the international stage.




What a lovely pieces! It reminds me of my glorious days when I still joined beauty pageants. Looking at the pieces makes me look forward to seeing my daughter wearing those.

But for now, I have to enjoy and savour the moments that she's still this little. So, after playing in the arcade we went to Toy Kingdom to buy toys for her and her cousin. I promised to buy them after their exam so I guess it's okay to splurge a little for their happiness. Seeing them enjoying and having fun with their new toy made me happy.

(Screenshot photos from Sasha's IG @yamazirolf)

I've met this lovely fella @explorewithsasha along with @asasiklause and @gerel to discuss our upcoming big event but I wasn't able to join them, because when you have a kid with you, you can't seem to do things your way. So instead, I let my sister @jongcl took over to discuss it with them. Sorry guys and thank you for understanding. After a really exhausting day, we decided to go home and we had our sleepover at my sister Gwen's house since my daughter's cousin Atasha wanted to spend more time with Kendra.

IMG_20211031_173825 (1).jpg
There's a milk tea shop nearby my sister's home that I always wanted to try, so I decided to bring the kids at Mishka Mooshka Tea Shop to buy some Milk Tea.
The following day, I accompany my niece @kcwonders to buy her new phone using the money she earned here in hive. Amazing right? At her age, she's already earning that much. It was really a great decision to have her onboard and not to let her skills in writing gone to waste. I'm so proud of you my beautiful niece!



She now have her new phone that she'll be using to blog more here on hive. You are such an inspiration ate @kcwonders ! Continue to inspire the younger generation with your inspiring write-ups.

And lastly, before we went home, we dropped by at my grandfather's bone chamber to pay visit and pray for the celebration of All Souls Day.

That wraps up my weekend! It was sure a meaningful and a happy weekend with the people I love. How about you? How did you spend your weekend? Let me know by dropping your comment below! 😊 Adios for now.



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