An island that is known for its magical and mystic stories about vudu dolls, witch craft and love potion but when you get to experience it, it's more than just those mystic stories. The island will enchant you with its natural beauty providing you with beautiful beaches and pristine water falls.

That's why today, I'm taking you back to my enchanting travel that allows me to experience a place worth visiting for.


Last 2018, together with my colleagues, I get to explore Siquijor for the first time. I was so curious, at the same time excited and a little bit scared because of the mystic stories surrounding it. We actually asked few of the residents there regarding the said stories but they only laugh at the stories and told us that the island is far more than just witch craft and magic. They told us though that at the mountain areas there were several faith healer or the locals called (albularyo) that practices making herbal medicines and sometimes love potion.




We stayed at Blue Wave Resort for three days and two nights. They have nice amenities and the food there is great as well. Our first destination was the famous Old Enchanted Balete Tree.




It's really an amazing experience since you just have to sit there and bring your feet below the water and the fishes will swam to your direction and it will remove all your sole's dead skin. It has a tickling sensation. There were big fishes as well that made me get scared because I might end up losing a foot on my imagination. Haha!




Around the area you can also buy souvenirs which includes vudo dolls key chain, witch's broomstick ref magnet and the famous love potion. Would you buy some love potion?



Right after there, we went to Paliton Beach just to breathe some fresh air and some photo op with the group.

Siquijor actually reminded me of our very own Cebu. Though the travel experience is a little bit different because of the mystic stories surrounding the island.




Our next stop was the beautiful Cambugahay Falls. Look at the beauty of this falls. The place is a little far since you have to go down I think more than a hundred steps just to see this beauty. It's still worth the effort and sweats. I actually lost some of my photos but we also dropped by some place where in there's a big broom stick, a witch's broom stick that you can ride. Then we head back to the resort and had our dinner since it was getting late already. At the resort we just talk about scary stories that even made an impact on our stay there. It's really nice to talk scary stories at night especially in a creepy place.

5-1 (1).jpg





The following morning, after our breakfast, we just stayed at the resort and started our early morning photoshoot on the beach as we were trying to avoid the boys, we opt to have it early. And then we enjoyed swimming in the pool right after and had our lunch there. We discussed it among the group that we will be having our dinner at an overlooking restaurant.





We had our dinner at Larena Triad Coffee Shop with this amazing view.
And then we went back at the resort to pack our things since the following morning it's time to bid farewell to this enchanting Island. We had a night swimming at the resort and enjoyed talking about anything under the moon.


Before we went home, we dropped by at the oldest church in Siquijor. I would really love to experience Siquijor again and I'm hoping that I'd get to explore Siquijor with someone special.


Have you been to Siquijor Island? If yes, tell me your amazing stories in the comment below! Thank you for dropping by! Adios😘



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