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Today is a special day! What other way to express our gratitude and our greetings to our beloved @purepinay is through this blog post. The woman behind the Hive Cebu Bloggers Community here in the Philippines. The heart that genuinely cares about her fellow Filipinos and support each one of us through our journey here in hive. The one and only, Gilaine!

Happiest birthday Gil! You are a blessing in disguise to each and everyone of us. You have given so much without expecting anything in return. You have guided us and help us understood what Hive is and how it works by your own means. You were never selfish, in fact you are the most selfless woman we ever met.

You are kindhearted and patience to each and everyone of us, as we were just grasping to know all the vast information about hive and you were there with us holding our hands as we make our baby steps. I am so grateful to God for allowing me to meet someone as genuine as you are! Thank you for believing in me, for trusting me and for choosing me to guide the newbies as they joined hive. I don't know what I did to deserve your generosity.

Thank you for bringing us together and for making us a one big happy family. We appreciate everything you did for us and for our team. You inspire us to become a better individual not just here in hive but to the real world as well. You are a good example of a true leader. Always remember that we are at your Beck and call whenever you needed someone to talk to.

Today, we want nothing but happiness for you because YOU deserve it! We wish you good health always and may you continue to inspire other people. Keep shining our Queen! You are loved by many.


We love you! 🥰✨💖

I hope this blog post and the video makes you smile on your special day. 🥰

HCBC family

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