If you're a certified K-Fanatic like me, who loves watching Korean dramas and has several applications on her phone like VIU, IQIYI, Iflix and Netflix then you know what I mean in the tittle above. For those who can't relate, Coffee Bay is actually a famous shooting location and a frequent sponsor for our favorite Korean dramas. To name a few dramas that features Coffee Bay, Something in the Rain, Encounter, Cheese in the Trap and just recently the Tale of the Nine Tailed by Lee Dong Wook and my oppa Kim Bum. 😁

I have already tried Coffee Bay but at Sm Seaside Branch and it's smaller than IT Park Branch here in Cebu, Philippines.

I was so happy last Friday because finally, we were able to went inside and ordered their best selling coffee and pastries. We actually went here a week before but it was full and they can't accommodate more people because of the protocol. We were so glad that there aren't a lot of people when we went there last Friday! Yay!

I can't help but feel giddy as I look at the menu and these delicious looking pastries! I can't even decide which one to choose so we asked the barista what's their best-seller for pastries and coffee as well.

We would like to thank our sponsor, Gdragon (Dwight) @jezwanderer 's husband for the treat!

The Barista suggested caramel macchiato for the iced coffee and their best-selling egg and Mayo croissant sandwich. My friend @simpledemple have ordered an extra blueberry muffin and chocolate topping ensaymada. While my newly on-boarded vlogger friend @jezwanderer tried their mango cheesecake. The four of us have the same iced coffee flavor which is iced caramel macchiato.

We each tasted the four pastries and my favorite among them is the egg and mayo croissant sandwich followed by the blueberry muffin then the ensaymada and last is the mango cheesecake. For the coffee, I think I'll rate it 3 out of 5. It's just a regular iced coffee for me, by far it can't surpass our favorite Starbucks barista's drink.

Just look at the yummy filling of the croissant πŸ₯ ! It reminds me of my strawberry croissant sandwich in Cebu Merci.

As we were enjoying our coffee, I discussed with my friend Jez who just on-boarded recently about the basics of hive. I discussed about the resource credits, the hive rewards, the apps to be downloaded like ecency and the most important part which is the engagement. If you haven't said hi yet you can visit her blog and drop some love @jezwanderer .


My eyes were caught by these cute tumblers and mugs that screams Hello! Pls buy me! 🀣
Oh! These cutie kitty tumblers reminds me of my cute cat friend @itsmiessyonpeakd whom I miss already since she's out of town now. Hello Miessy! 😁🀣


Look at these cute BT21 speakers! My daughter loves this. I will be coming back for you guys!
We can't deny that Christmas is just around the corner because of these cute decorations.
We will be coming back for brunch because of this! I'd love to try their Bruch Plate some other time along with their strawberry drinks and would definitely bring our oppa! πŸ˜‚ Right my friend @simpledemple ?

How about you? Do you love discovering new cafe's too? Feel free to drop your comment below if you have a cafe in mind that you'd want me to try or to visit, as long as it's within Cebu, Philippines for now. 🀭

See you on my next post! AdiosπŸ₯°


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