I can't believe that we're half way of the month already! That means, October is fast approaching. I will be celebrating another wonderful year being alive and blessed. How times really flies that fast! And that brings me to my content today. Last year, I celebrated my birthday with a Southern getaway. This was actually a surprised birthday trip that my ex prepared for me. I was really eager to visit the place and experience the famous "KAWA" Bath. For the information of those who don't understand the word kawa, it is refers to the huge cauldron that was traditionally used in making sugar. Though, as technology evolved, these giant pans were replaced by sugar Mill factories.

As excited as I am and since Samboan is a 3-4 hours drive away from Cebu City, we travelled early in the morning, around 7:00 o'clock. The weather was a little gloomy that day but we still dropped by at Boljoon Church to light a candle and thank God for another wonderful year. It was a perfect get away as well to relieved us from the stress that the pandemic had brought.

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After dropping by at Boljoon Church, we decided to stop over for lunch at Cube Food Park that is located at Oslob, Cebu.

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We had a sweet and sour pork and some pork ribs. In all fairness, the food was great! We enjoyed the ambiance as well because of the music and the decors.

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Right after our lunch we head over to the resort and we were greeted by the friendly staff following the protocol.

As part of their protocol before check-in, the guest must fill out the personal request form or scan the QR code to fill in online. Right after that we were accompanied by one of their staff to our room. Our room is located near the swimming pool and restaurant which is a lot more convenient for us.
Look at how lovely the pool is. Though it was already raining when we arrived. Mr. Sun didn't show up that day but we still tried to make the best out of it.

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Since the resort is located in a secluded cliff-side in Samboan, it is surrounded with many trees that makes it more serene and feels like you're one with the nature. You can hear the birds chipping and the sound of the crickets at night.

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I love that there were only few people who checked in at the resort during our stay. It means that I can enjoy it more with peace and serenity. We roam around the place as soon as the rain stops.
There's a lot of stairs before you finally reach the beach area. This kind of resort is okay for lovely couples or honeymooners but I don't recommend it to family, especially with children around. The stairs seems a little scary, plus it looks slippery since it rained that day.
The little raindrops didn't stop us though, we still enjoyed discovering the place and you can see all the Kawa's (Couldron) that were located at the Cliffside area where you can enjoy the beach view.


It took me more than a hundred steps I guess before I arrived at the beach area. It was a fun journey though, since I get to explore the whole place. There were rooms on the cliff-side area as well and I was so delighted when I saw a hammock near the beach.

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Our first day was all about photoshoot for the blog since we still have to book to use the Kawa Bath. So we decided that we will do it on the next day.

We had our dinner at their restaurant and while waiting for the food we decided to play a game since there were different table games available near the pool.

We played the stack game,

and the food and drink quiz.

I laughed so hard that we get the answer wrong since most of the question were super hard. Well, it was a nice experience though.

When the food arrived we stopped our game and started enjoying the food.



I enjoyed the garden salad and their Vietnamese spring roll. The only thing I don't like is the mango that was included because it's over riped.

We ended that day with a bottle of beer and some nuts. I was so excited the following morning because finally, I can now experience the Kawa Bath! But first, we had our complimentary breakfast and enjoyed our coffee.



I had an American breakfast paired with my newly pressed brewed coffee. The Kawa Bath is worth Php500.00 or 10 USD. It's good for 45 minutes and the reason why you have to book because the Kawa boys or the one who prepares the Kawa will still heat it and put flowers on to the water. You also have an option to choose which oil to add. They notify us that the Kawa is ready and I can't wait to experience it. (1).jpg
Of course! There is a behind scene for every great photos. It took a hundred shots before we finally settled in and enjoy our bathe. It was a steaming hot bath that is perfect for the weather. You can actually adjust the hotness by turning on the faucet. I enjoyed rubbing the flowers on my body while enjoying the scent of the peppermint oil. One of the benefits of this Kawa bath is to soothe the stressed out muscle in the body and calms the mind which was perfect for me, because of climbing up and down the stairs.
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Right after the Kawa Bath we went to the beach to rinse off the oil and enjoy a 30 minutes swim. Then right after I had a 15 minute dip into the pool just to experience it. It's a little deep and not good for kids.


Overall, it was an unforgettable experience. To book you can check through agoda or you can also inquire directly at their website or contact them at 09177006027.

Now I'm already thinking on how to celebrate my birthday next month. I think I'll be spending it with my daughter this time. That's it for now, see you on my next post Hivers! Adios!


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