Seven years ago, this love story unfold months after I have given birth to my beautiful daughter Kendra. I saw how my best-friend Chrissie sparkles with love on her eyes as she mentioned her blossoming love. After all the heart aches she went through with her past relationship, I became the happiest for her. Fast forward, I have witnessed how they sealed their love with beautiful vows on their wedding day. If I were to describe with one word on how beautiful the entire ceremony and the program was, all I can say was "Spectacular!". You really can see how happy the couple celebrating this moment and the genuine love they both shared by the look of their faces. How this wedding became the talk of the town?


It took a year of preparation. Yes, a big day like this that happens once in a life time deserves to be planned accordingly. From her venue down to her wedding dress. It was even a challenge for the couple to proceed with the plans because of this pandemic. There were a lot of adjustments and changes, that includes the venue which was supposedly an indoor one. Changing it to outdoor which is the most preferred location for alfresco dining made it most challenging part because of the weather. The forecast for that day was really bad since it says it will rain but then again, a miracle happened. It did rain but only during the ceremony inside the church that blessed their wedding more. When the program started at their reception, the rain never bothers to show up.

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When we arrived at the reception, the arrangement and decors were properly put together. It was a rustic themed wedding and the wedding supplier did a really great job. Since both of the couple were part of San Diego Dance Company, there were a lot of dancing involved. From the parade of the wedding entourage down to their principal sponsors. Even the parents of the bride and groom have shown their dancing talent. One of the highlight was the the sinulog dance that the couple, together with the San Diego Dance Company have rendered. It was a dance honoring Sr Sto. Niño.


Then their prosperity dance or money dance. They really dance gracefully and made them even more perfect for each other.

Right after, was a dance number for the groom that was performed by the bride and then vice versa.


Then some surprised dance number by their co-members that my daughter can't stop saying wow.


The mesmerizing fire dance with the popping fireworks! Am I attending a wedding or is this Pilipinas Got Talent? It was really an amazing evening! Of course, I was asked to say something and delivered some speech. I just made the bride cry because I was crying like a river!

I am just really happy seeing my best friend sparkling with so much love and genuine happiness that day. It made me so emotional that I can't control my emotions. Thank you for making my daughter a big part of your ceremony and I apologized for declining to be the maid of honor because I can't be both the mother of your little bride and serving you as a maid of honor. Still, you know that I'm always here for you.






To the both of you, I wish you all the best in life. May you continue to love one another and be faithful with each other. Keep God at the center of your married life and start making little Floyd and Chrissie now. 😊 I love you both and may you continue to support each other's dreams. Finding one true love is a blessing that one should always treasure. Congratulations to you both and Best Wishes!

Thank you my friend John Llerin for the beautiful photos and to their official photographer, Marbeth Digital Studio.


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