If time travel is possible, where would you go? To look back on your past? Or to witness your future?

The idea of time traveling may excite you, but the truth is, time traveling sounds scary for me. Though, I love watching movies with this kind of genre. Discovering another dimension or a parallel world. What if? It's true. How am I doing in there? (There are so many silly thoughts about having another me in the parallel universe). Lol

Oh talking about time travel, Have you watched Time Traveler's wife? It's a good movie, though I totally pitied the time traveler. Or are you a fan of Korean drama's too? The King of Ethernal Monarch also talks about parallel universe. It actually opens my thoughts about the multi-verse. Haha.

Anyhow, enough of the long intro for this post. I just want to bring you back on my past local travel here in Cebu. It's time for me to revisit my old travel adventure! Now that we're back to Modified Enhance Community Quarantine (MECQ) that will limit us again to go out, be with me in this time traveling journey and experience this BALI & New Zealand inspired Ville at Upper Lusaran, Cebu City.

2018-11-21 08.52.22 2.jpg

Welcome to NERI'S Ville Selfie Corner! This instagramable tourist attraction is owned by a flight attendant and got this concept from Bali, Indonesia and New Zealand, where she frequently traveled. The place is located at Brgy. Lusaran, Talamban, Cebu City. It's actually somewhere in the mountain of Cebu City. It's quite far and we got lost when we went there because we were just using Waze and it led us to a longer route which consumes an hour and a half but it's worth the travel! I have found this really nice view going there and I needed to stopped by for the gram.


Its quite a beautiful view right? Oh, I'm missing my long hair too.

Just right before I changed my outfit, I was actually wearing that first. 😊 (for ootd)


This is what I love about traveling. You might end up getting lost but there's a beauty in it. Let's wander and get lost?

DSC_0188 (1).jpg

Aside from being Bali inspired, there's also some cute colorful houses that was actually inspired by New Zealand's Hobbit House.



Pretty cool, right? I was also amazed how pretty these houses are. When I first saw this on Instagram, it excites me more to visit the place. And hoala! Having to experience it myself was truly amazing.

You're just going to pay Php50.00 for the entrance fee. You needed to bring some food with you and drinks as well because they don't have a restaurant there yet. Though when we went there they said that they were currently developing the place and will be having a facility for overnight stay.


I love the view here. I was not sunbathing, I just have to endure the heat of the sun for the gram.
Feels like I'm part of the tribe! This looks great for a boho-themed outdoor party.
That's just me chilling and enjoying the view up here.
Tea Party?



I'm selling some eggs! Would you like some?
The Happy Nest is where you can find me. This way my Love? Come and find me.






If you're a fan of taking photos like me, this is actually a good location for that. But if you wanted to relax and unwind this might not be a good idea to stay and chill because there's no restaurant. It's just a Selfie Corner so it's great for photo ops. 😊

That's it for now! See you on my next time travel! 😊 Adios!

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