My feet is already itching to travel. I miss how it feels to ride on the plane while watching those cottony clouds above the sky. That feeling of excitement and joy to go on an adventure, I miss that. I really don't know when we can travel freely again, but I'm looking forward for that. For now, let me take you down my memory lane again. Let's travel virtually here and let me take you to one of the most famous island in the Philippines. Let's go to Boracay, baby!

This was my last travel before I became a mom and gave birth to a beautiful angel. I was 14 weeks pregnant during that time. I actually thought that I won't be able to join this amazing travel because I have so many negative thoughts since I was pregnant, but good thing that 14 weeks pregnant is still allowed to travel. I actually wanted to post this travel here on hive, in memory of our beloved colleague who always make sure that once in a while we go unwind and travel. Since he's no longer with us and join the hands of our father God last August, I wanted to at least say thank you here on the blog. You will always be in our hearts Engr. Caña.

This travel was also made possible because of him and his wife who's our administrative officer during that time. Nothing can ever compare to leaders and boss's who always make sure to balance work and leisure. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights at station 2 Boracay. This flight was actually a piso fare so we booked in advance. Oh, I missed booking for piso fare flights!

This is how lovely Boracay is! Though when we went there, there was an upcoming typhoon! That's why Mr. Sun never showed up. We started roaming around on our first day. I was actually pinching myself all the time, because it used to be one of my greatest dream, to explore Boracay and when I finally experience it, it seems surreal.


One of the many things I would love to try in Bora is to pay for my braids. Haha! I know how to braid but I just really want to experience it there. I think I paid Php250.00 for it.

There are a lot of activities you can do in the island but since I was pregnant all I can do was to go to the beach, roam around, eat, buy some stuff and have my hair done. For the activities you can actually check @morenatravels blog on her Boracay Experience.

At night, since Bora is also known for night parties, we just went roaming around and watch fireworks and fire dance!

We also went to a pub and grab some drinks, I just had four seasons since alcohol isn't allowed for preggo. It was a great night and I'm looking forward to experience night life in Bora. Next time, I wanted to unwind and drink my favorite cocktail and dance in the groove while feeling a little tipsy. I miss that feeling.
I went back to the hotel a little early because this preggo wanted to sleep already. I was actually a bit scared to stay outside a little longer because of my situation and I was even wearing black dress because of the supertitious belief or in our language (pamahiin) that pregnant smells good with those night creatures or we call (tiktik/manananggal). We hurriedly went to bed and I really tried my best to sleep but I was having a hard time because of the imaginations I have during that time. I just prayed really hard so I can sleep and the next morning, we went to the beach for an early morning swim.

Boracay is really known for its beautiful white sand and crystal clear water. I would really love to experience Bora again! Let's all pray for this pandemic to end so we can start booking for our next travel.


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How about you? What did you miss the most about traveling? Let me know on the comment below! Thank you for traveling virtually with me. See you on my next post. Adios!


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