☃️࿌ིྀ྇⋆IT'S DECEMBER! ⋆࿌ིྀ྇☃️


Ho ho ho! I can hear Santa already! Wow. I can't believe that we are already in the last month of 2021. Have you bought your gifts already? If not, then you are not alone. I haven't bought mine as well. I was really busy with so many things. We even had our Christmas decors a little bit late, since I'm always the one in charge with the decorations both at home and in the office.

IMG_20211120_143545 (1).jpg
I am so happy to see the decorations around the street, inside the mall and in every establishments. Come to think of it, we miss it last year. It's really amazing how businesses are recovering now and I'm hoping that it won't shut down again with the new variant of the virus.

IMG_20211125_171947 (1).jpg
Look at how beautiful the terraces in Ayala Mall, Cebu! People are busy now buying some gifts for Christmas. While here we are, still busy preparing for my sister's wedding on the 16th. I am planning to buy the gifts this weekend but I think I need to write down what to buy and whom to give the gifts since I have a tendency to just buy what I saw and will end up buying more than what I need. 🤣 Can you feel me?

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I bought some with @jongcl but that's for myself. I have been frequent at the mall these past few days too and I went recently with my daughter to buy her new toy as a reward for doing great on her online school.

We went to Sm Seaside and rode their rent a ride since my daughter really wanted to ride one. I have been wanting to ride too, so it was a perfect timing!
This was the toy that she's been eyeing the last time we went at toy kingdom but I don't want to buy it that time since I'm buying her cousin a toy as well, it's a little bit too much for me. So when she did great and made it on the achievers list, I know it's time for me to buy it. Look at her happy face!
We went to coffee bay right after, and had some waffle and refreshments.


Right after we had our meal, she was begging me to drop by at the new play house.




It was really great to finally see her play around happily without holding a gadget.
She's even more excited now that Christmas is fast approaching which means , it's time for her to open some presents! How about you? Are you excited for Christmas? I really can't wait! And oh, drop some love to the lovely celebrant, @gerel ! It's her birthday today. We just came home from partying, too bad I don't have any photos yet. Happy birthday Gerel! It was nice seeing my @hivecebubloggers family! 🥰



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