Looking for a place to go this weekend? Wanting to relax and unwind while enjoying your food without having to worry? How about a beautiful ocean view with the sight of the new longest bridge in the country? Well, worry no more! Experience all of these at IL Corso!

IL Corso is located at Cebu South Coastal Road, Cebu City. It's near the ocean so it gives you a very relaxing view. As I've mentioned on my last post, I spent my weekend strolling around with my sisters @morenatravels and @eeventuree. We went to visit our sister @gwenfinity who resides at Minglanilla, Cebu. It's a little bit far from where we live but we needed to ran some errands for her. After we accomplished our task that day, we went to IL Corso to eat something and also to check on the construction of the new Cordova link expressway bridge that is almost done already.

Can you spot the bridge? If you're from Cebu or you are here in Cebu, you really should check it out. The bridge looks really beautiful and I guess it is more beautiful at night. It reminds me of the bridges I saw in the television. It seems like I am outside the country if I'd look at the bridge. I think it'll be in full operation next year and I can't wait to pass by the bridge. We are all excited to experience a long ride passing by the new longest bridge in the country surpassing the San Juanico Bridge in Leyte.

Going back to IL Corso, there were a lot of food stall and restaurants in the area that offers an Alfresco dining experience.

You just have to remember that kids are not allowed in the area for now because of the community quarantine. The guard will check your car if you have a kid passenger inside since they won't allow you to go inside and park if you have a child with you. They also have food trucks which I would love to try next time.

They also observe proper health protocol and make sure to bring a face shield with you aside from face mask. The view will really wow you and I think we all need this kind of weekend once in a while to let us unwind and chill a little because life is so short. Instead of thinking too much negativity, we need to remind ourselves that we're still lucky that we are alive and well. We need to celebrate life and always be grateful about everything.





This pandemic has taken a toll on both our body and mental state. I know that we all get scared and in fear about everything that is happening right now. Always remember that it's okay to be scared because we're all human beings, but then, let your Faith be bigger than your Fear! Have a happy weekend everyone! And thank you for dropping by! See you on my next post. Adios!


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