When lock down started last year, I've got so much time to spend with my daughter. We were bonding together and playing with her dolls until she got bored that she undresses all her dolls and was asking me to make some clothes for her dolls. I suddenly remembered that I took handicraft major during high school. So I bought few yarns and crochet hook online and when it was delivered I started making her dolls clothes.

Meet Barbie's happy family. Since I don't have a pattern, I just have to measure them one by one. Seeing my daughter gets excited with the result, I just started crocheting. I didn't know that I can still do this, it's been so long since I did something like this. Though, I love making something similar, especially designing my daughter's clothes like a DIY party dress. I made her first tutu dress too and used it on her first birthday. During her 2nd birthday, I also made her a tutu dress, & up to her 3rd birthday I also D.I.Y'ed her Wonder Woman costume that was made out of felt paper. Wanna see?

Until I got so busy juggling my time and she started going to school already, so I have to work really hard. Hadn't find time to DIY her clothes anymore. That's why, I got excited last year and made cute clothes for these dolls.



She had plenty of dolls already but she got so bored last year and asked me to buy her more. This mommy ends up buying more because when I was still a little kid, I didn't get to play dolls like this. I only played paper dolls along with my sisters. Anyways, these are the finish product of my creative mind during the lockdown.


Aside from eating and always eating last year, I also get to bond with my daughter more and played with her. Plus, I also made cellphone case, small bags, and my sister's apron all handcrafted by yours truly. Now that I'm working again plus being active here on hive, writing and engaging, I don't think I can crochet again. Maybe when I'm a little less busy.

How about you? What have you done during the first lock down? Anything in particular? Let me know by dropping your comment below.

Thank you for dropping by! Adios! 😊


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