It's such a fun weekend, meeting these amazing people. One of the great things about hive is meeting awesome people and becoming friends with them. Today, Gil invited us over for a simple lunch and a small gathering just to chill a little and talk a little about hive and updates on our upcoming events. @itsmiessyonpeakd picked me up at JY Square and we went to City Lights together at 11:30 a.m. I along with Miessy and Cynthia went up together at Gilaine's pad. We were greeted with a very warm welcome from @purepinay and @gerel who were busy setting up the table with the delicious meal they prepared. Alas! I was able to eat one of @gerel 's recipe that she shares on her blog. We were supposed to wait for Sasha and JL but Miessy was starving already, so we went ahead and had lunch first.



Sasha and Jl arrived a few minutes later after we finished our meal. They were late because the taxi driver's driving skill needs more motivation to make it a little faster. Lol. After we had our lunch, we talked about the happenings in hive lately, the famous account who keeps on downvoting every move we make. It's okay though, you won't stop us from making more contents here on hive.

I did my mandatory ootd, thank you Gerel and Miessy for taking photos of me. Oh, wine was also served after our meal.

It taste awesome with this lovely view and with these amazing people!


After having wine, we first talk about the upcoming blog event at serenity and the hive id. And then, we discussed about our plan for Halloween, including the possible venue and the things we needed to buy, as well as the program flow.

While Gil, Gerel and I were busy with Hive matters, JL was able to do his makeup skills and beautified the lovely ladies @itsmiessyonpeakd and @hiraya .



It was a fun but productive day! We were just laughing and eating the entire day. The result of JL's makeup really wowed us and the two beautiful ladies were happy and delighted about it.

Meet Angel Locsin and Shaina Magdayao! They both look gorgeous right?

We also had our group photo. It was really nice meeting you guys!


Thank you Gilaine @purepinay and @gerel for the food you prepared today during our simple fun gathering. My tummy and my heart is full with all the food and the laughter we all shared.
Thank you to the beautiful @itsmiessyonpeakd for picking me up and for providing laughter today. Thank you for the donuts @explorewithsasha and @cheerupwithjl for the amazing talk about your makeup experience and for making @hiraya and @itsmiessyonpeakd extra beautiful today! See you again soon!


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