My best friend Chrissie is getting married next week, that's why we surprised her with a simple bridal shower last Wednesday. Prior to that, we have planned this event for two weeks. In today's blog, I will be telling you about what I did and how I organized the event with the help of my gorgeous friends.

The first thing I did was I called her fiancé Floyd and asked if Chrissie is available on the 8th of September since it's also their monthsary. When Floyd said yes, I told him about our plan which he willingly cooperates. After knowing and agreeing with the schedule, I then look at the affordable hotels around the area in agoda website and I stumble upon the gorgeous suite room on sale! For only 2,199.00, I hurriedly click the book now button and notified the rest of my friends that we already have a venue for our bridal shower.

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The next thing we did was to look for the props and decors we're going to use. Along with my gorgeous friends, we went to Ayala to buy balloons for our decors and the "team bride" props. We went to Hannah's and bought some balloons including the letter balloons. We bought the team bride sash at Tickles shop for Php130.00 each. The cute headbands were from Broadway Shop for Php89.00 each. The bride to be veil was purchased at shein when I bought the dress that I'll be wearing on her wedding day. The crown was my daughter's , I bought it before her birthday at shopee. Those were just the simple props and decors we needed for the bridal shower. For the cake, as you see, I wanted it to be a cute and wholesome cake, not the naughty one. I searched it in google and decided with this cute bride having some drinks and celebrating.

It's a fondant chocolate moist cake that I ordered at my trusted shop Cakes and Memories for only Php2,599.00.

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For our outfit, we decided to wear white for the bride squad and red for the bride. Since it's a surprise event, I provided the bride her red dress. We were supposed to wear white dress but to give the bride her time to shine, we just opted with crop tops and white jeans.
Now that everything is all set, since we all have work, I called her husband to be and told him that we will just leave work early to set up everything and to check in before 3:00 p.m. Since the bride to be leaves work at 5:00 pm, we only have 2 hours to prepare everything.


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Demple and I, went out right after we blow the balloons and let Jezevyl set up the place. We still need to buy food since we will only be having pizza and chicken. We decided to buy at Shakey's Robinsons Cyber gate which is a walk way from the hotel and since I have a supercard, we availed the buy one take one plus 35% discount for the chicken. We also ordered our coffee drinks at Bo's coffee.


Now we're all ready and had some selfies while waiting for the bride. We texted Floyd and he's already waiting for Chrissie.

The bride to be arrives at exactly 5:30 and we strip her off her uniform and have her changed to this red dress. Floyd convinced her by telling her that he booked a room for an advance honeymoon which she believes, but seeing us when she went inside the room, her face wasn't surprised but disappointed. Hahaha! Nah, she was actually expecting it already that we will be throwing a bridal shower for her.
Out first activity, was photo op!

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Then we ate dinner and talk about her upcoming wedding. What are her preparations and how was the preparation so far. Right after dinner, we changed outfit and worn our PJ's had another set of photo op.

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IMG_0379 (1).jpg



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We had our question and answer game before we had our tiktok dance.
It was a fun night and I'm happy that we were able to pull it through. The bride to be's expectation have exceeded. It was indeed a night to remember.

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What can you say about the preparations and photos for the best friend's bridal shower? Let me know by dropping your comments below. Have a happy weekend! Thank you for dropping by.


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