Curious about the word Shaka and what it means? Shaka is a Hawaiian gesture or sign that was oftenly used by Hawaiian people to show friendly messages to one another. In other words, Shaka is a beautiful word that conveys positive meaning. When use in our language here in CEBU, it portrays a different meaning when you replace the beginning letter with a C. (Lol) Anyways, let me just move on with my topic for today. I've mentioned on my previous travel post that I wanted to go back and to experience the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao, Island. I have first saw this famous cafe on instagram, that I am in awe with its unique theme, that seems to be located abroad. Plus, its menu is super healthy that I wanted to try and experience it myself. Good thing that I don't have to travel by plane to experience it, I can just rode a bus for three hours and it will take me here at Southern part of Cebu, Moalboal!


It's a small cafe that is located at Panagsama road, Moalboal, Cebu. It's best that if you drove this far, you might as well experience the beaches in Moalboal. Oh, the cute swing in front of the cafe really gives a beautiful aesthetic on your photo that is super instagramable! The cafe is really charming with its native design and colorful paintings.

Screenshot_20210822_060833 (1).jpg

It's beautiful right? It gives me a feeling that I'm in Tulum. I actually waited for my turn, patiently, just to have my photo taken there because there was a kid swinging when we went there and he doesn't want anyone to take the swing away from him. We just ate our smoothie bowl first before we took over the swing just when the little kid left with his parents. The food is really good! It made me want to eat it everyday. Here's some of their menu that you would also want to try.

Those good looking photos are all from their fb page which you can check out HERE. I just edited it and put them together in one using a canva app. The one I tried was their Bukanawa Bowl.

They said that Bukanawa bowl is good for your skin, gut, immune system and sugar level. It has an anti-ageing components, so it's really a healthy meal that is great for nourishing our skin. I also paired it with their Berrygoodnice smoothie drink. It actually fills my rumbling tummy. I can see why Andi Eigenman and her kids loves having this one for breakfast in Siargao.


Shaka is really popular and instagramable because of their food and cafe decor. When you visit the cafe, it's impossible for you not to take photos. I wish to go back there again and order few more of their pretty and tasty smoothie bowl. Aside from their smoothies they also have plant-based food so make sure to check it out.

So, have you been here too? Let me know what are your thoughts in the comment section below! Have a great day ahead!


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