Right before this day ends, I wanted to make this gratitude post for the thirty four amazing years here on earth. It is such an honor and a gift to be able to celebrate my birthday with the people I love. I woke up with a birthday song at 12 midnight. My sisters, @jongcl and @eeventuree came inside our room and sang me a birthday song with a cake and a candle. I was sleeping already and woke up with my siblings sweet gesture. They plan it out with my daughter but unfortunately she fell asleep. Though, she made me a birthday card that made this momma super happy.

I posted my birthday photo on instagram and went back to sleep right after I blow the candle and hug my baby who's sleeping beside me. And when I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, I checked my phone and I've got so many notifications from my Instagram, facebook and my mobile phone. All the warm greetings made my heart full.

My @hivecebu bloggers family also sent me their warm greetings. Thank you guys! For the short period of time that we're together you made me feel so loved with your kind words and never ending support. I won't be tagging everyone because you know who you are! 🥰
My gorgeous friends #G5 have posted their greetings both in Instagram and Facebook.

And they surprised me in the office with this lovely cake and pastries. Thank you to my bff Chrissie as well for the yummy Bin and Bon.

Among the messages I've received, I felt a little emotional over my niece @kcwonders message and my sister @swaycanete 😭 . And also, my friend @simpledemple made a small clip that she posted on her Instagram story as well. What a happy birthday indeed.

A gift from my sister @eeventuree and also a lovely earrings and mask holder from my big sissy @gwenfinity . Thank you and I love you! 😊

IMG_20211027_145851 (1).jpg
To my PEO family who sponsored the food for some snacks. Thank you!

IMG_2532 (1).jpg
Above all, I want to say thank you to God for giving me such loving parents, family, daughter, a home, a job, good health, and some loving friends who genuinely cares about me. I will be sleeping tonight with a smile on my heart. Thank you everyone!

beauty_20211022144538 (1).jpg
I will forever be grateful for another year added. I want nothing but good health for everyone.
That's all for today, thank you for the lovely greetings!

Also, here are the some of my photos from my birthday photo shoot that my friend Demple took. Thank you for this my friend!



IMG_2663 (1).jpg

IMG_2832 (1).jpg

This is Sassy Cebuana, Rica Marie, officially 34. 😘


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