Life brings many things, but the bond between a mother and a daughter is something special.

I miss taking my daughter outside and it's been more than a year already since pandemic hit the entire world. I'm reminiscing here again, one of the highlights of our 2020.

Have you been to ANJO World?


It's like having our own Enchanted Kingdom here in Cebu, with all those colors and rides to experience.


I love seeing her wide smile that shows her excitement as we enter the premises. We have availed the Super Tres ticket wherein we were entitled to choose three different rides for only Php250.00/person. These are the tickets that you can avail.


(Photo from their website)

I think three was enough for me that day, since I don't want to try those death defying rides with my daughter (just a scary mom who doesn't want anything dangerous for her).


So, I let her pick for our first ride and we settled with space shuttle.


It was a smooth and nice ride where my daughter have truly enjoyed laughing with her tita @jongcl . I think it only lasted for 3minutes or so. The next ride was supposedly a no no on my list because I have ridden Vikings already and I was just scared that she might throw up. But she begged me to try it. It was okay on the first swings but as seconds went by, my daughter shouted to stop. How can we stop it? So, I just had to calm her down and told her to scream because it helps. But right after that ride, she told me that she wouldn't dare to ride on it ever again.


Look at her face! 🤣

The last ride we've ridden was their ANJO Eye or know as the Ferris wheel. I love how relaxing it was to just enjoy the view up above while the wheel was slowly going up.


It was just one full turn and then we're done. My daughter wasn't even contented at all because she still wanted to try some other rides. I told her that we will be coming back someday but then pandemic happened. It was hard for me to bring her outside especially in crowded places.

beauty_20200120213346 (1).jpg

So we just roam around and have our photos taken for Instagram.

beauty_20200120213246 (1).jpg

I am loving the structures where it made us feel that we were traveling outside the country. Do you agree?

beauty_20200120214244 (1).jpg









They also have a cafe inside where you can enjoy having some snacks and drinks. I was having an iced coffee that time and ordered some fries and a burger.



It was a beautiful experience with my daughter and I would love to bring her back again when everything is okay. Next time we'll try the unlimited pass and the snow world adventure.

If you need more information about ANJO World you can actually check their site here -> Anjo World .

ANJO World is located at Belmont One, Cebu South Road, Upper Calajoan, Minglanilla, Cebu. You can also contact them at their landline no. 032 490 1000


That's it for now! We're looking forward for our next mother daughter bonding moments and we're praying that COVID will no longer inflict danger to humanity.

Thank you for dropping by today! Adios! 🥰