This pandemic really made us realized that life is short and health is wealth. Too many people dying, and sad to say that we didn't even had the chance to say goodbye because of the situation we have right now. That's why it's best for us to take care of our health and it's best to practice eating healthy. As much as possible, we wanted to expand our time here on earth, so eating healthy is one way of taking care of your health. Talking about eating healthy, today's blog is introducing you to this healthy restaurant. Have you heard about Bohol Bee Farm? My sister told me about this and that this restaurant serves healthy food. When we went to Bohol, me and my best friend had tried their menu and to my surprised, it was amazingly delectable!

Bohol Bee Farm is an organic restaurant that offers healthy food choices without compromising the taste. I know that sometimes, eating healthy means giving up tasty and delicious meals, but then, as time goes by, people have their ways into making healthy food still taste delicious. That's what Bohol Bee Farm represents. They have plenty of choices to choose from.
We were having Honey Glazed Chicken and Grilled Fish with their organics garden salad. All their meals are served with red rice which has a lot of benefits. Red rice is good to lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, improves vision and reduce cancer cells.




I was amazed that you can actually eat the flowers that were included on their organic garden salad. We also ordered their seafood garden salad with my favorite sea grapes or also know as seaweed (Lato in our language). I can still remember how full I was when we experience Bohol Bee Farm. Now I'm even craving to dine there, good thing that they have a branch here in Cebu at SM Seaside! I'd love to dine there this weekend but I forgot that I have a wedding to attend.



I love the ambiance of their resto as it gives you a rustic vibes.


They have a lot to offer when it comes to organic food, and they even have an organic ice cream which is super delicious! You really should try it out. If you will visit Bohol make sure to experience Bohol Bee Farm and if you're in Cebu you can still try their menu at their branch in SM Seaside Cebu.

That's it for now. Stay safe everyone! Eat healthy and be happy. God Bless!


Sassy Cebuana

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