Last 3rd of August, marks my 1st month here in hive and because I'm single why not celebrate a monthsary of my blogging career here? Haha, I know it's just a small celebration but still it's worth celebrating right? (Nag celebrate ka nga ng monthsary sa maling tao, Eto pa Kaya?) 🤭


Anyways, I was so excited to go back to this cute cafe that just recently opened & just a walking distance from our office. I was actually looking forward to dine in again since I wasn't able to take a photo the first time I came here. That's why this unexpected coffee date happened on my first Monthivesary with my dearest friend @simpledemple .

As it was an unexpected date, we weren't able to change clothes for ootd & we were just wearing our uniforms. I actually brought an extra clothes with me but Demple won't let me change since she wasn't able to bring extra clothes with her. Maybe on the main branch we will plan it out and wear our ootd's next time. It's actually much chic & cozier than this one.

It was unplanned since I actually thought that we can't dine in because of the modified enhanced community quarantine but they actually allow 10% to dine in. Lucky that it's just the two of us.


I actually love the ambiance and the lighting of the entire cafe, although their a/c was turned off as one of the MECQ rules.

As we decide what to order, I told my friend @simpledemple that I love their iced macchiato so we both have one.


Oh, for the information of everyone as well, since we both love coffee, we have a twinning tattoo on our right arm as a symbol of our friendship. I recommend that you should try their iced caramel macchiato, it taste really good!


So these are the food we ordered.


Demple's favorite is chicken quesadilla, though the taste is a little different from bigby's. It was good but not as good as Bigby's quesadilla. I'm eating it 7/10 since Bigby's is 10/10. ☺


We also ordered their best-seller Lasagna. It was good! I actually don't like Lasagna but I love how it tasted. I'll be rating it 8/10.


This one is my favorite among the three. Napoli cheese dip tasted really good! My rating for this is 10/10. It's a must-try!

For the dessert, we had croffle. The home made gelato on top was the one who gives flavourful taste on this croffle. Plus the caramelized banana on the side. Since we were really full, we just ate the gelato and brings home the waffle for the daughter. 9/10 for this. I love how they presented it as well!

Overall, we certainly love the experience and the crew seems really nice. Their secret restroom too is clean and tidy, so it's really a great cafe.

We would love to dine again soon at their main branch. For our overall experience I'm rating it 9/10.

That's it for now and see you on my next post! Adios! 😊


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