Did you know that Dahilayan Forest Park in Bukidnon is well-known for having the longest zip line ride in Asia? How amazing is that?! It became a famous destination because of its current location that is situated at the foot of Mt. Kitanglad, the fourth highest mountain in the Philippines and an inactive volcano.


And so I welcomed you to Dahilayan, Forest Park! This was way back 2018, when traveling for work was used to be a privilege. I used to really love my job back then, I get to travel to different sides of the country. But now, things have changed. There was change of administration, we were reshuffled and now I ended up doing office work again. I am not complaining though, because I am still thankful that amidst the changes, I am still here, working and can update my blog anytime.

Enough about the dramas though, this travel was one of the most unforgettable moment for me. It was just a side trip, but I was so excited and happy when we went there. The place is really huge and being there feels like I am traveling outside the country. Everywhere is green. Those beautiful pine trees that made the environment extra cold amidst the shining sun.



See what I mean? Everywhere I go, I see these beautiful pine trees. How I wish I have a vacation house right here. It's nice to have a nice vacation house with a beautiful veranda and you just have your coffee outside with this kind of view.

I love that there are a lot of activities that you can do inside and plenty of decors that is Instagram worthy.





I love those teepee tents that makes the place looks like a camping area somewhere in Netherlands. The only thing that I'm sad about this travel is that we weren't able to experience their zip line. Since it's just a side trip after our work related travel, we can't extend the time further since we can't moved the scheduled flight back home. Though, we just make used of our time and enjoyed roaming around the vast area. And oh, They also have bungee jumping! I wouldn't try it though, there's something about it that I'm too scared to do. I can do the zip line but not bungee jump. So, we just opted this very safe ride that won't consume most of our time and I know that we will enjoy.


Haha! I so love riding this. I would love to experience this again with my daughter. It made me feel like a kid again, riding this and chasing my best friend makes this whole ride more fun and unforgettable. Plus, we even convinced our boss to join us. 😁


Our overall experience was indeed an unforgettable one. It may be a quick visit, but I get to experience the beautiful Dahilayan Forest Park.




And I love this bridge right here. It feels romantic. I wish I went here with someone special. Haha! Oh, I forgot to tell you that they also have a hanging bridge.


If you're planning to visit Dahilayan Forest Park, their entrance fee is only Php130.00, for ten years old and below, they only charged Php80.00. They offer a lot of rides and activities that will surely make your journey unforgettable. Plus, the have room accommodations that will make your stay extra comfortable. To know more about the rates and details you can check their website here - > Dahilayan Forest Park.

Make sure to capture every moments and memories you have, because we only have this lifetime to enjoy and be happy! See you again on my next post. Adios!


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