I feel a little ecstatic and overwhelmed in welcoming the first day of my month for we are celebrating the victory of a fellow Cebuana, Beatrice Luigi Gomez. She was crowned as Miss Universe Philippines 2021 which means she'll represent the whole Philippines on the upcoming Miss Universe 2021. Aside from that, October 1st was International Coffee Day and what's best way to celebrate it? Being a coffee lover myself, I cannot just let it pass without celebrating three occasions. Yes three! One reason to celebrate was welcoming my birth month, secondly, the victory of a fellow Cebuana and lastly, the International Coffee Day! I asked my gorgeous friends to go to Vibo Place along Escario St., Cebu City and as usual, only my coffee buddy @simpledemple can tag along with me on this special day since the other two were caught up with family life.

We went to starbucks first to order our favorite barista coffee. Right after we went outside and bought some French fries at Potato Corner. While waiting for my order, which is the giga fries with both cheese and barbecue flavor , I roamed around the place since I haven't visited the place for a quiet some time now. The last time I went here was with my ex. Yes, everywhere I go seems to remind me of our memories together but it's actually best this way. You'll know that you're not hurting anymore when you go to a place you frequently go together and you can smile already.

The place seems less crowded now and the band that used to play was no longer around. It's actually nice to hangout here once in a while.





Right after roaming around the place, I went back to Potato Corner and got my french fries while my friend Demple waited for me at Starbucks. When I came inside, she was complaining already since it was really cold inside the cafe. We went outside and sat down near Brick Lane Doughnuts.




We talked about the result of Miss Universe Philippines and how we were rooting for Steffi to win. She's also a Cebuana and she represents Cebu Province while Beatrice represents Cebu City. We still have high hopes for Steffi though and we hope that she will join next year again. For now, let us support Beatrice for her journey to win the upcoming Miss Universe.

It was a nice day and we were enjoying our iced coffee paired with our favorite French fries and unlimited chitchats. After having some French fries, we indulge ourselves to some sweets and bought some doughnuts at Brick Lane.


There were three variants to choose from. They have rings, classic and the special doughnuts. You can also buy a mix of them in half or 1 dozen.

These are the classics, the plain donuts without so much toppings.
These are the special donuts. So many flavours and toppings to choose from.
I opted with these rings, a little bit of icings and toppings which I will be bringing home for my daughter as well.

It's great that I can pay using my gcash wallet here.

The little shop seems really cute and they even have a beautiful wall perfect for an ootd backdrop.

I asked my friend Demple to take some photos for my ootd on their brick wall for my Instagram and just like that, the first day of October went by beautifully.




Oh, I'm also starting to feel the cold wind that the Ber Months brings which means, Christmas is just around the corner but before that comes my birthday and our halloween Party! How about you guys? What are you looking forward aside from Christmas? Don't forget to leave your answers on the comment below. Have a great day ahead! Thank you for dropping by and see you on my next post!


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