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Here's another quick getaway that happened last May of 2021. This will be my first time posting a video of my travel here on hive and I'm really hoping you will like this short video of our quick getaway.

GH012269_1621289269431 (1).jpg

So last summer, one of my close colleague wanted to treat us for a daytime use and enjoy this beautiful island on her birthday.

I told you, Cebu, Philippines has a lot to offer when it comes to beautiful beaches.

Bluewater Sumilon Island is located at Southern part of Cebu. You have to drive 3 hours away from the City to reach the Sumilon Port that is located at Oslob, Cebu and ride their ferry boat for 10-15 minutes. The staff will brief you at the port on what to do in the island along with their safety protocols.


It's worth the travel I tell you. Their sandbar will greet you with its crystal clear water. Everywhere around is instagramable though its a little bit pricey but it's totally worth the price.


The island is really beautiful, though I wasn't able to take a full video of the island because the camera's battery got exhausted and wasn't able to bring an extra bat with me.

They have water adventure as well where you can go Kayaking and a lot more.

beauty_20210520085736 (1).jpg

Also, they have Lunch buffet and if you're a member of Bluewaters you can actually avail big discounts.


If you wish to stay for an overnight stay they also have plenty of rooms but you need to book in advance.

They have swimming pool in the island too. You can enjoy their jacuzzi as well.


Look at the big dark clouds on the other side.




beauty_20210518150509 (1).jpg








Overall, we have enjoyed our stay in Sumilon and I will definitely be coming back.

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