I often found myself smiling and happy reminiscing my past travels and adventure.

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I used to think that traveling is just for people with privilege in life. People who are born rich. But then, I was wrong. Philippines is such an abundant country that is rich in natural resources and beautiful islands waiting to be discovered. And being born here in Cebu is a privilege already to explore and wander around this beautiful province.


Have you heard about BANTAYAN, Island? I guess you do. It's a beautiful Island in the Northern Part of Cebu. Yes, it's a little far from the City but it is worth traveling. The Island will greet you with it's beautiful shoreline and crystal clear water.

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I have been there twice and have explored the Island but then I always wanted to go back whenever I can. It's beauty will wow you every now and then.

Last 2019, was my first time exploring this Island with my friends. Those photos when I still have a long hair was last summer 2019 and the photos with the short hair happened this summer of 2021.

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This was taken at the Kandugyap by the Sea. It's one of the famous resort in Sta. Fe, Bantayan, Island.





During our first visit we tour around the island and went to their famous tourist spots. We visited the Omagieca Mangrove that was famous as well since it was one of the shooting scene on this Filipino film entitled Camp Sawi.



And then we went to The Ruins Diving Spot.

We also went to the famous Kota Beach.

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The island has too much to offer that a 3 days and 2 nights stay wouldn't be enough. That's why when we went back this summer of 2021 we had explored the places we haven't been to. We went to Ogtong Cave and experience the clear cold water inside.



We went there at 4pm and the cave was about to close that's why we have the place by ourselves. We actually asked the staff in Ogtong Cave to let us swim for just 15minutes. There's actually a 200.00 entrance fee. You can actually swim in the pool too but then we opted not too since we still have a lot of places we wanted to visit.

We visited The Ruins Diving Spot again but when we went there, it was crowded so we just went on the empty space beside the ruins and have brought my props with me for Instagram.


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The next day we had our breakfast at Jelly's Haven Resort. One of the most colorful resort in the island and I highly recommend the resort especially if you wanted to have a good breakfast and the owner is too friendly as well.




One of the many things I love about the island is when you're chasing sunrise and sunsets.



We also went to Paradise Resort. It's a public resort that has wide shoreline which is perfect for a long walk on the beach. It'll be perfect if your walking with your significant other but it's still fun with your best bud around.




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If you'll ask me if I want to go back? Yes! I will never get tired of appreciating it's beauty. Next time, I wanted to bring my daughter with me.

Also, the island is abundant with seafoods and coconut trees!


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Have you been in the Island too?

(All photos are mine and those were uploaded on my website)

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