I am not myself the past few days. I am so stressed and I feel like my body is aching all over. As you all know, super typhoon Rai (Odette) have destroyed so many houses, trees and establishments here in the Philippines, especially in Visayas and Mindanao. My sister @jongcl have posted on how the Typhoon have damaged our home, and I'm beyond grateful for all the help we received from this platform. Thank you so much!


Our electricity and cell sites are still down, that's why I haven't had the chance to interact or engage here, I can only open my internet whenever I'm in the City and I'm also saving my phone's battery. This is our 5th day ever since the super typhoon hit our homeland and Cebu is trying to recover but everyone is struggling with water and food supply. I don't know when will be able to recover from all of this but I know that soon we will surpass this big trial we are facing right now.

Currently, we are trying to look at the bright side or the silver lining with the aftermath of the super typhoon. We are all grateful that we are all alive. We can still celebrate Christmas as a family despite this challenge. I know that soon we will be able to recover from all of this and we will come back stronger.



We were able to celebrate my father's 70th birthday at my sister's home. That's also something that we should all be grateful for. The gift of life and family.

I remember what the priest told us during the day of my sister's wedding day, the same day that the typhoon devastated Cebu, as we always say in expression "Char!" which also means Christ Has A Reason. I know that there's still a better tomorrow, we just need to surpass this trial we are facing right now and hoping that the upcoming typhoon won't destroy our faith. In Cebuano's term, Laban Lang! (Go and fight!)

All the photos of the clouds were all taken after the typhoon and as always, it left me in awe which reminds us that everything will be alright and there's still a ray of hope for a better tomorrow. I hope everyone is safe wherever you are, and know that you are not alone in this journey. Together, we are stronger. 🙏✨😌💞



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